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Caroline, CEO

This is Caroline, the CEO of MisterGreen. She is constantly working on all the ins and outs of our MisterGreen markets, not only in the Netherlands, but all our European countries get her full attention! Together with the founders of MisterGreen, Mark and Florian, and the management team, she is building strategies to help accelerate the transition to sustainable mobility.

Can you tell us about your history at MisterGreen, have you held other positions?

I started at MisterGreen as Chief Marketing Officer, before moving up to CEO. I am very happy and proud to have Mark and Florian entrust me with the day-to-day management of the company. Mark and Florian are my sparring partners and visionaries of the future of mobility. Together with the management team of MisterGreen, it is my job to make sure that the daily operations keep pace with their vision and ambitions!

What are your daily activities and responsibilities?

I am responsible for all day-to-day strategic, tactical and operational matters of MisterGreen. I also work with our Founders Mark and Florian to support them in their quest for new business development and vision.

What is the working atmosphere like at MisterGreen?

Friendly and informal, but we know what our goal is. We are a young team and that sometimes involves playfulness in the good sense of the word!

What will you be doing at MisterGreen in 3 to 5 years?

In 5 years, I will still be CEO and helping MisterGreen reach the goal of 15,000 self-driving cars! We will have grown as a company to more countries in Europe (...the rest of the world) and have an even larger group of talented and fun people to work with towards the same goal.

Why should people join us?

Because of our mission #endfossilfuel. Because we have the opportunity to create impact while having fun.

Can you tell us a fun situation; an anecdote, something funny or something you just love about working at MisterGreen?

The people! All the colleagues work together and help each other. The most recent example is when I had a flat tire, but had to pick up my three kids from daycare. I was totally stressed out! Not one but three colleagues tried to help; I switched cars with a colleague, who then waited for the new tire so I could pick up my children on time. So it's not even specifically work-related, but just the fact that we are human beings who take care of our "own." I love that!

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